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Best Voice Amplifiers for Teachers

by huiqiang zhang 07 Mar 2022 0 Comments

One of the biggest issues faced by teachers all over the world is voice problems,especially in times when we teach with face masks.We attempt to project our voices across large classrooms,depend on our voices to communicate with our students,but sometimes we can lose our voice from doing so.

A portable voice amplifier has been the best solution to constant yelling or over-talking,they can save your voice and make your work simpler.

Portable voice amplifiers or PA speakers are a reliable way to help teachers speak audibly and sharply while wearing a mask.


This little YMOO amplifier is designed to save your throat. It provides clear sound with no distortion or static. It’s suitable for about a 10000 10000sq.ft room. It helps you to speak with a lower voice,saving your vocal cords unnecessary stress.

Rechargeable voice amplifier built-in a 1800mAh big lithium battery, you can use it for up to 6.5 hours (MIC mode), 8 hours (musical mode) with a fully charged battery. You can use USB cable to charge this mini voice amplifier.It only needs 2.5 hours to fully charge it.

The portable microphone and speaker is in compact size and super lightweight, you can use the back detachable clip to fix it on your belt or pocket, or you can also tie it around your waist or hang it on your neck with the help of the waistband.

The YMOO amplifier also supports MP3 audio playing. You can use TF (Micro SD) card playing or USB flash drive playing.

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