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Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5 Headphones in-Ear

by zhanghuiqiang 23 Dec 2020 0 Comments

The latest Bluetooth 5.0 provides a smooth and stable connection, ensures that you get excellent connectivity with this wireless Bluetooth headphone set without any audio cut in and out.

  • [Stereo Sound Quality] Ankbit Bluetooth earbuds wireless ensure your crisp and premium stereo sound experience. Listening to high quality music when you are toughest running and workout. These stereo earphones in ear adopt Bluetooth 5.0 which provides easy pairing and more stable wireless connection.
  • [Long Battery Life] The wireless Bluetooth earphones comes with charging case. They provide up to 6H of stereo sound or loud clear phone calls on a single charge. The charging case offers additional 2 times charging, giving total 20H long playtime to keep true wireless earbuds going throughout the day.
  • [Easy to use] 2 Bluetooth headset will pair with each other instantly once you take them out of the charging case. You can use these wireless earbuds for iphone android. Freely enjoy stereo premium music when you are running and working out and won’t miss every important phone calls. (Note: If the wireless earphones are off, you need to turn on them first.)
  • [Comfortable & Waterproof] Ankbit Bluetooth wireless headphones provide long-wearing comfort and S/M/L eartips. No need to concern about earbuds falling out for individual with small ears. They are resistant to sweat, rain and splashing water. These waterproof earbuds are perfect partners for running, gym, workout, exercising, travelling etc, especially ideal for sport lovers like you.
  • [Stereo/ Mono Mode] You can use single earpiece for surrounding awareness and sharing. Or both wireless earbuds for immersive stereo sound and noise reduction. These Bluetooth headphones stereo in-ear are compatible with various Bluetooth devices, including iphone, android, tablets, laptops, and computers, can provide you with a perfect wireless music experience.
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