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B06TX plus Bluetooth Transmitter - 1Mii

by huiqiang zhang 26 Feb 2022 0 Comments

1mii B06TX plus Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter is a new version of the B06TX,  supports aptX-HD, aptX-LL, aptX, FS, SBC, suitable for Bluetooth adapter from a non-smart/non-Bluetooth TV to a wireless headset/speaker. You don’t have to replace your old TV by using our Bluetooth audio transmitter. It helps you upgrade the old TV and cut off the budget for a new one.

1Mii B06TX plus Bluetooth transmitter is designed with a very nice display screen. Clear and readable during operation, making pairing simple and easy to understand, and with volume control buttons to control volume. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, the first choice for gifts.

1Mii B06TX plus Bluetooth transmitter features a “dual-link” function that allows two Bluetooth headphones/TWS earbuds/speakers to be connected at the same time. Audio will play through both Bluetooth devices simultaneously. AptX Low Latency technology eliminates audio delay, brings perfect synchronization of sound and picture. You can enjoy a late-night movie without bothering others with your own volume needs.

1Mii B06TX+ Bluetooth transmitter for TVs is designed with AUX 3.5mm, RCA, optical, and Coaxial audio inputs, bringing you the most flexible and quality connection. It is compatible with 99% TV Projector Computer etc. NOTE: Once connected with the optical output of the TV, make sure to set the TV audio format to PCM or optical out. Dolby and DTS are not supported.





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